Report of the Association for 2022

The Ukrainian Association of Startups reports for 2022!

Since the beginning of the year, a community of more than 100 startups has been discussing the form of creating an organization to support and protect startups, they have already prepared founding documents…but on February 24…

May 2022 – we gathered with startups that supported and did not leave the idea and registered the Association online in the form of a Public Union!

As it turned out, we became a very strong team, even though we were still unfamiliar, and immediately began to implement all the planned projects! Without funding, without any support, at the call of the heart! Our team works tirelessly:

June 2022 – the site, social networks, the first startups were invited to participate and visualized, the development of a crowdfunding project prototype was created and startup fund project.

July 2022 – partnership with KPI on collaboration and expertise and Office of Entrepreneurship Development (Action-Business) – information support. With the city council of Bucha regarding the organization of the innovation hub. Search for international partners and formation of working consortia

Partnership with international organizations such as:

Startup Europe Regions Network

European IP Helpdesk

Business Angels Europe

August 2022 – preparation of applications for European grant programs, not only the Association’s own projects, but also assistance in writing applications for Ukrainian startups, in particular: two applications for WOMAN TECH and the EIS Accelerator have been prepared. Consortiums for 6 competitions of 17-20 organizations from various EU countries and Ukraine have been assembled. New partnerships, including with the famous English platform f6s

September 2022 – three tender applications from the European Commission – the Association’s own projects – were submitted.

According to the ERASMUS program – the TEACHER-Academy project as part of a consortium of 23 organizations, about primary education online – we expect the result in February-March 2023
UKRAINIAN TECH from EIS as part of a consortium of 17 organizations from the EU and Great Britain, about a support network and the allocation of a budget of 20 million euros for Ukrainian startups – we expect the result January-February 2023
They developed a project and proposed their vision in the Pilot European innovation gender and diversity index (HORIZON-EIC-2022-GENDER-01) submitted an application as part of a consortium of 13 organizations. We are waiting for the result – February 2023

Approval of a short application for the EIS ACCELERATOR submitted in August by one of the startups, members with the help of the Association – CLEFI

October 2022 – an application was submitted for the JOOKO Innovation Ecosystem Association’s own project on crowdfunding + start-up fund under the co-financing program HORIZON-EIE-2022-CONNECT-02 as part of a consortium of 20 organizations from different EU countries, Great Britain, Israel, we are waiting for the result – February 2023

Assistance in preparing a complete CLEFI application.

Practical free courses for startup members of the Association on applying for European grants.

November 2022 – preparation and submission of the Association’s project application on the startup fund for the competition Enhancing synergies between the EIC and Startup Europe (HORIZON-EIC-2022-STARTUPEU-01) as part of a consortium of 16 organizations from different EU countries. We expect the result – March 2023

Participation of the Ukrainian Association of Startups in four applications for the invitation of third-party consortia under the program Support to Ukrainian displaced people and the Ukrainian Cultural and Creative Sectors (CREA-CULT-2023-COOP-UA), we are waiting for the result – March 2023

Earning 1000 euros for advertising from META

Practical free courses for startup members of the Association on applying for European grants.

December 2022 – Assistance with the application of a startup member of the Association to the N1 Investment competition at USF.

Development and launch of the Association’s advertising campaign.

Formation of the investor base. Offer them own projects of the Association and projects of members of the Association.

And the team did all this while having their own startups and businesses!

Plans for January 2023 – formation of consortia and submission of the Association’s own projects to competitions under the programs: Digital Europe and Creative Europe.

Assistance in submitting at least 2 short applications from Association members to the EIS Accelerator.

Cooperation with TECH UKRAINE

Cooperation with the developers of the EIS platform (France, Lille)

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