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Stay informed and join the community of Ukrainian startups, exchange useful information, regular newsletter of news of the ecosystem of Ukraine and the world

* Membership fees can be paid in equal installments during the first 3 months. The term is 1 year from the moment of the first payment. Each startup is considered as a separate member of the Association, although there can be only one entrepreneur.

** The association is a non-profit organization and all contributions go to the development of startups and the Ukrainian innovation ecosystem!

Plan “Start Up”

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Register for an individual consultation with our experts

check_circleFormation of an innovative concept of one’s own project
check_circleFinancing strategy
check_circleAccess to a closed group for networking with partners
check_circleStep-by-step instructions for the development of your startup from an idea to entering international markets

Choose the membership fee of the Startup Association for year-round support.

The cost of the package
₴ 1690
Based on € (43)

Simple membership fee

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check_circleRegistration and addition to the public register of the Association;
check_circlePlacement on the Association’s website for a period of 1 year
check_circleSending grant programs and investment opportunities
check_circleSending information about your startup to more than 1,000 investors and funds
check_circleConsultations on fundraising, selection of contests
check_circleParticipation in the educational programs of the Association
The cost of the package is per year
₴ 3 885
Based on € (100)

Individual approach

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check_circleAll that is simple plus an individual approach
check_circleTeam selection
check_circleCreating a presentation
check_circleIdentification of startup weaknesses and recommendations
check_circleCreation of a consortium
check_circleAssistance with expertise for technical startups
check_circleIndividual consultation on fundraising
check_circleAssistance in writing one grant application
The cost of the package is per year
₴ 11 656
Based on € (300)

Full support

Що включено
check_circleEverything in the previous packages + placement in the TOP 10 by direction, on the Association’s website
check_circleEverything in the second plus help in writing at least 3 grant applications
check_circleLegal consultations on Ukrainian legislation
check_circleAccounting consultations on Ukrainian legislation
check_circleDevelopment of a financial plan
check_circleConsulting on patenting and copyright protection
check_circleConsultations on international legislation
check_circleDevelopment of a strategy for entering international markets
The cost of the package is per year
₴ 38 852
Based on € (1000)