Development Strategy of the Public Union “Ukrainian Startup Association” for 2023


To become a recognized leader in the development and support of innovative entrepreneurship in Ukraine, creating effective platforms for cooperation between business, the public, educational organizations and the government.


To support, develop and promote innovative startups and projects in Ukraine, providing them with access to expert knowledge, funding and resources for successful development and implementation.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Interaction and Networking: Building effective cooperation between branches of the innovation ecosystem (business, public, education, government) through the use of various communication tools.
  2. Education and Enlightenment: Providing educational webinars for representatives of various fields that stimulate innovation, help to understand new technologies and achievements.
  3. Support of Innovative Projects: Creation of sections in the Association that provide comprehensive support for startups, including consulting, innovation laboratory and own projects.
  4. Financing and Development: Ensuring sustainable financing of the Association, its departments and projects by searching for systemic sources of funding.
  5. International Impact: Holding a large-scale international event “Investment Forum INVESTinUA”, which contributes to attracting foreign investors and raising awareness of Ukraine’s innovative potential.

Executive Measures and Tools

Interaction and Networking:
– Creation and maintenance of the Association’s official website with sections for each branch of the ecosystem.
– Active presence in social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram) for engagement and communication.
– Organization of regular events for networking and cooperation between different branches.

Education and Enlightenment:
– Launch of the Association’s YouTube channel for educational webinars and expert reports.
– Partnership with well-known institutions to exchange knowledge and organize educational events.

Support of Innovative Projects:
– Creation of a separate section on the Association website for each department (consulting, innovation laboratory, own projects).
– Selection of experts to provide advisory services.
– Conducting training programs on fundraising, digital and green skills.

Funding and Development:
– Development of a strategy for attracting funding from businesses, foundations, and government programs.
– Studying the possibilities of grants and funding from international programs.

International Influence:
– Organization of the INVESTinUA Investment Forum with the participation of foreign and domestic investors.
– Preparation of scientific and popular materials about the innovative potential of Ukraine.

Department of Implementation and Monitoring

Create a special department that will be responsible for the implementation, execution and monitoring of the strategy. This department should ensure regular progress analysis, corrections and appropriate reporting.

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