Lookerz – helps online fashion retailers to automatically generate styling outfits without any stylists involved. We built ML-powered service that can fast scan the catalogue and start instantly create stylish outfit recommendations and show similar items. With our first client we tracked plus 8% revenue growth after placing our widget plus we doubled time-spent on the website.

You can check our demo and see that Outfits are system can generate are actually look like they were made by stylists, but they are not. We are getting unlimited number of stylist-quality outfits in real-time just with a help of ML-powered algorithm, and not only they look nice, but also help to significantly boost client’s revenue, plus reduce expenses.

Next steps for us are to advance the technology to use it for marketing and retargeting purpose, plus we would like to work on a virtual fitting room – to be able to try-on outfits on your 3D avatar or show Outfits for online store in metaverse.