Safe City Program WE PROTE Well + Luke + Castle


I propose joint implementation of the Safe City Program WE PROTE Well + Luke + Castle I am a developer and owner of Patents for Special Locks for Hatches of Wells. The Safe City program deals with the solution of Our common problem – the disappearance of manhole covers and dangerous open wells, which are still getting bigger on the streets. The problem of open wells exists now practically in all the republics of the former CIS and our near and far abroad – England, Poland, USA, India, Bulgaria, China … We conduct basic negotiations with the Housing and Communal Services Departments of the Oblasts, cities and directly with the housing and utilities enterprises – Vodokanals and City Heating Networks. We are also negotiating with telecommunication companies – Telecom, Internet service providers, etc. The cost of frequent purchases of new materials and components (hatches, cables, valves) for the proper and high-quality work of housing and public utilities, Telecom, the Internet, which are now very often lost, are big losses. After the establishment of special locks on the hatches of the wells, the economic problems of the Cities are solved first of all – the covers of the hatches, which are expensive, will cease to disappear, the cable-conductor and communal products under them. And most importantly, the number of injuries among people and car accidents will decrease.

Required investment amount: 100 000 €

Sphere: Security, Telecommunication

Innovation: Patents for Special Locks for Hatches of Wells

Region: Ukraine

Additional information: Private enterprise is registered

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