XtestR is a portable laboratory for determining more than 40 medical parameters, integrated with medical systems, including for transmitting results to the attending physician. Advantages for B2C: no need to visit a doctor for diagnosis, because, unlike competitors, you can do tests at home yourself, as well as transfer the result along with the medical history, which leads to fewer steps to diagnosis and treatment appointment, In the case of B2B, the diagnosis of coronavirus is particularly relevant: the speed of the result and as a result an increase in throughput, cheapness, versatility, and the absence of the need for medical personnel due to the use of a breathing cartridge. An additional source of income is the sale of depersonalized data for targeting to pharmaceutical companies and private clinics.

Required investment amount: 100 000 €

Sphere: Healh \ Healthcare, Medtech

Innovation: Unlike our competitors, we have a unique respiratory cartridge for determining the covid19 antigen without the need for a nasopharyngeal swab, which is painful and unpleasant and can only be performed correctly by a medical professional. This gives our solution an unattainable market advantage, as 100% of the people we surveyed who passed the traditional swab test said they would definitely prefer a breath test if it were available on the market.

Region: Ukraine

Presentation: pitch deck 

Additional information: A limited liability company is registered

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