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Enterprise Knowledge Management system that links all internal and public data for instantaneous search and sharing within a single informational space

Required investment amount: 1 000 000 $

Sphere: AI (artificial intelligence), Biotech, Deeptech, IiOT (Industrial Internet of Things), Pharmaceutical, Saas

Innovation: Knowledgator comprehends all enterprise data creating a single information space for all employees, departments, and branches of your company. Linking each and every piece of data related to your business improves the search and sharing of specific information for better teamwork and decision-making. Your organization will lose no more knowledge with Knowledgator! We offer a flexible system with multiple components for designing a personalized knowledge management pipeline. Revolutionary AI and graph technologies integrate all data of enterprise on a semantic level. Knowledgator extracts and links critical concepts from texts, videos, images, and other sources, representing them in a single semantic network of relationships. You can share specific information fragments with colleges and find employees with exceptional domain expertise according to their generated knowledge. State-of-the-art semantic search enables instantaneous identification of required information among thousands of documents. Moreover, the system performs advanced knowledge visualization to better understand complex interconnected data points within your business and make perfect strategic and operational decisions.

Region: Ukraine

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