HugeProfit is the simplest and most secure service for financial accounting, accounting for the remains of goods, sales control, and visual display of income and expenses of your store. As well as synchronization of items between different marketplaces. Nothing extra. Everything is simple and convenient. No special knowledge or skills are required. Take control of your business, free up time, and head for strategic planning.

Required investment amount: 25 000$

Sphere: Fintech, Legaltech

Innovation: Accounting and bookkeeping in large companies is handled by specially trained personnel who understand terms such as counterparty, profit order, postings, debit, inventory and others used in normal business accounting programs. In today’s world, there are hundreds of thousands of individual entrepreneurs who are engaged in commodity business and they do not have the opportunity or need to hire a specially educated person, and everyone needs to keep records in order to understand how much goods are left, how much you spent and how much net profit you earned. Our solution enables a small entrepreneur to keep records as simply, clearly and clearly as possible. We do not use specialized terminology and do not provide complex and often unnecessary functions. And we give only what is really necessary. We will also automate many routine tasks.

Region: Kharkiv region

Presentation: pitch deck 

Additional information: A limited liability company is registered

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