Development of equipment and software for large-scale 3D printing with recycled, crushed plastic PET bottles, using the layer-by-layer extrusion method. The proposed technology will reduce the number of technological operations, namely: sorting plastic and processing it into granules, it is only necessary to grind and fill the plastic in the hopper of the dryer. Production of formwork by this method will significantly reduce its cost, compared to the classic method of production of forms from metal. The main advantage of this method is the durability and strength of the forms, about 200 castings.

Required investment amount: 60 000$

Sphere: Robots / Robotech

Innovation: Why not make the formwork from the plastic that is under our feet? For this, we have developed a 3D printer-extruder and software that can produce formwork of specified dimensions and even with a specified facade design. Such a formwork has a low weight, high strength and can withstand about 200 pours. And the main raw material is plastic from crushed plastic bottles, which do not require preliminary sorting. Thanks to this, we get savings: Time – making the mold takes a couple of hours, depending on the size. Money – plastic costs about 1 euro/kg in granules in Ukraine, and if it’s just bottles? Work places – no need to sort, no need to use a lot of force during installation. Resources – iron and wood are not used, which harm the environment, but on the contrary, plastic is used, the collection of which cleans the environment.

Region: Transcarpathian region

Website: Instagram

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Additional information: A limited liability company is registered

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