Why not make all doorknobs absolutely clean and hygienic? The task of this invention is to create a new design of a self-sterilizing unit, a door handle using ultraviolet radiation for sterilization, which ensures the minimum dimensions of the device, sufficient protection of consumers from ultraviolet radiation and protection of mechanisms from damage after use. external forces on its open moving parts. Remote access control system, user verification, optional. Energy consumption of electricity: 1 kW for 36,000 handle openings. Optionally self-powered by our latest development, an alternative energy source. Target audience: B2B market. Restaurants, cafes, cinemas, hotels, hospitals, pharmacies, educational institutions and other places of mass gathering of people – as needed. Offices, trade, production, warehouses, not only as sterile door handles, but also as a management and access control system.

Required investment amount: 7 000 000 €

Sphere: Healh \ Healthcare, IiOT (Industrial Internet of Things), Medtech, Security

Innovation: Doorknobs have been around for a long time, but Clefi is a new auto-sterilizable doorknob driven by the need for COVID-19. In public places, doorknobs are the main carrier of viruses and bacteria. The Clefi door handle is automatically disinfected after each visitor. Clefi doorknob UV sterilization gives a 100% guarantee of the disappearance of germs, viruses and their spores in a few seconds, unlike analogues.

Region: Lithuania

Presentation: pitch deck 

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