A Music is an easy-to-use application that creates a light music system from handy devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, etc.) to play music with 3D surround sound, stroboscope and offline. A Music can be used instead of speakers or in combination with them for better and louder sound and additional special effects. With A Music it is very easy to start listening to music in the company or quickly organize your own party, with or without speakers and even without the Internet

Required investment amount: 25 000$

Sphere: Edtech


Synchronization of music on all devices
Saving all functionality of the application in offline mode
Simple implementation process
Strobe function (generation of rapidly repeating bright light pulses)
Examples of advertising messages:

“Miss parties? It’s not necessary. Synchronize devices with friends and organize your own party.”
“Forgot the column – the party is spoiled? With A-Music, the speaker is always in your pocket”
“Do you dream of becoming a DJ in 5 minutes? A smartphone is all you need.”
“The party is where you are! Synchronize music with friends in one click and light up the party with strobe lights.”
“The column is always with you! Three phones, one click and the party has started”
“Lost the Internet, disconnected from the world? A-Music stays with you. Sync music with friends even offline.”
“You – aren’t you when you forgot the column? Be yourself always and everywhere with A-Music.”
“One click – turned on the smartphone, two clicks – started the party. Organize your own party by synchronizing devices with friends.”

Region: Lviv region

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