Joberz is a highly accurate recruiting platform that rewrites traditional recruiting by putting the whole person at the center, not just past experience. It matches jobs/resumes based on unique soft skills and lots of hard skills to connect jobs and candidates that best match each other’s requirements

Required investment amount: 300 000 €

Sphere: HRtech, Saas

Innovation: We are the only job platform in Ukraine, and one of the few in the world that has automated and validated the selection by soft skills. This selection criterion used to be considered “immeasurable” and expensive. But we’ve made it understandable, measurable, and easy to apply to select candidates for any job. Soft skills selection allows candidates to find the best jobs to apply their potential, and employers – candidates with naturally strong qualities needed for a particular position, and also to form a strong team

Region: Kyiv

Presentation: pitch deck 

Additional information: A limited liability company is registered

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