E-Point is a line of innovative low-cost electric charging stations for electric cars with a capacity of 22 to 53 kW per hour. It has a technology of intelligent charge distribution, depending on the number of cars being charged at the same time. The automated system of accounting, booking and calculations (billing) is available from every smartphone not only for E-Point charging, but also for all available within a given radius. Depending on the level of access, it can be used as a CRM for the owner.

Required investment amount: 60 000 $

Sphere: Energy, Robots / Robotech

Innovation: Existing electric chargers are not commercialized enough, so they are not many. E-Point will solve this problem through cyberphysical systems, authoring algorithms that can improve all indicators: cheaper – compared to others (cost in Ukraine 2900-3500 $) due to the fact that the basic materials are Ukrainian and all made in one city. more powerful – 53 kV per hour. at the expense of own developed software and the controller. faster – we can automatically distribute the charge depending on how many cars are charged at the same time, thanks to the developed software; It is easy to find – backlight in the dark, even when it is not activated, and most importantly available from every smartphone billing, where you can see the location nearby, make a payment, book a time, etc. it is easy to earn with it – CRM for earnings. Developed Billing is adapted not only for the Ukrainian market, but also for other countries, primarily the EU. And it is universal, not only for E-Point users.

Region: Transcarpathian region

Presentation: pitch deck 

Additional information: A limited liability company is registered

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